New Features

Each Meal Insights

After logging a meal, Coidar provides a detailed breakdown of its calorie and macro content. You can even fine-tune the information for ultimate accuracy.

Personalized Calorie
and Macro Values​

We ask you a few simple questions to create a personalized daily calorie and macro plan that aligns perfectly with your goals. It's your customized roadmap to success.

Effortless Meal Entry

Simply describe your meal using natural language, and our powerful AI technology will analyze it, calculate its nutritional value, and seamlessly log it in your food diary.

Weekly Summary

Our weekly summary presents your calorie and macro intake in a clear, organized format. See your progress at a glance, with indicators highlighting if you've hit your daily and weekly goals

Timeline View

Access your complete meal history with our timeline feature. This calendar-style view allows you to easily navigate and revisit past entries, providing valuable context for your wellness journey